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What Came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
This is a conundrum that most everyone has contemplated or joked about at some point. But what does this have to do with organizing?!
Glad you asked. This deep philosophical question is one that actually correlates, almost directly, with us and our disorganized spaces. Instead of chicken, we substitute disorganized thinking and instead of egg we substitute disorganized spaces. So what came first, disorganized thinking or disorganized spaces?
The answer to this question does not matter. What does matter is the underlying theory in the question. The idea that our spaces and our thinking are contingent upon one another. From our experience as professional organizers, we see time and time again that disorganized spaces come with disorganized thinking. As explained in a previous blog post (if you haven’t read it, go read it after this), it is often hard to see how to organize your own spaces because our thinking has become cluttered as well.
So, how do we de-clutter our thinking and spaces?!
Often times our clients go shopping for cure-alls at an organizing store or section of a store, long before they hire us to come in. Though their intentions are good, these organizing tools do not help with de-cluttering their thinking, and often times leave their spaces even more cluttered. This is a big part of the reason why Tidy Techs does not come in and suggest purchasing anything from the beginning; most of the time our clients already have really great organizational tools.
From our experience from years in this field, we have found that the best solution to disorganized spaces is by bringing in a third party, whom is a professional in the field. This may sound bias, but let me give you a little comparison. If your tooth was hurting, I would suggest you go to the dentist. I am also sure, that if you spoke to a dentist they would suggest coming in to see them or to go see another dentist. This is because when your tooth hurts, you need a professional in the field. This is the same for your spaces. Because our spaces impact how we think, or how we think impacts our spaces (chicken or the egg?), bringing in a professional in the field to determine what we need and don’t need begins to organize both our spaces and thinking. The positive change that we experience in our clients from organizing their spaces proves the theory that our spaces impact our thinking, emotions, stress, serenity, etc. The change they experience… is powerful.

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