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The Tidier, The Healthier: Your Spaces Impact Your New Year Resolution

2017 is set to be an amazing year! We are going to get back in the gym, start eating better, and begin living a healthier lifestyle. As you all know, this is a common goal or resolution. In fact, it is one that I have set for myself this year. Well, did you know that our spaces could have a direct correlation to how physically active we are?

Being a professional organizer, I am constantly reminded of the benefits of getting and staying organized, but there is actual scientific research proving the physiological benefits. In a study conducted by associate professor, NiCole R. Keith, Ph.D., from Indiana University, she found that people with organized homes are physically more active than those with messier ones.

In Dr. Keith’s study, she used a population sample of 998 African-Americans between the ages of 49 and 65; a demographic known to be at higher risk for heart disease. Her research, much to her surprise, discovered that the interior condition of a person’s home seemed to be the only consistent factor to one’s physical activity. Thus proving, the tidier, the healthier.

You have heard the expression, “we are all products of our environment”. The opposite holds true as well, that the environment we create reflects and affects our physical, mental, and emotional health. It is no wonder why this research supports that the tidiness of one’s home reflects the physical activity of the individual or family. This impact on physical health is just one of the many benefits of getting and staying organized. As we go along on our journey together in 2017, we will look at other benefits of and research on organizing, some tips and tricks to get started and maintain tidiness, and other interesting topics.

Happy New Year! And here’s to improved physical health and a tidier home.


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