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Expect the Unexpected

We all love organization.
Some of you may read that sentence and cringe. Bear with me for just a second as I shed light onto what I mean when I say we all love organization.
As mentioned in a previous post, we discussed exactly what organization is; in short, “a system of functionality”. This does not mean we have cubbies and baskets all around our house covered in labels. All I am saying is we love a functional lifestyle. When our car keys are not in our pocket, we greatly appreciate not having to waste time searching under couch cushions and any other number of odd-ball places they may be (unless, of course, the couch is where we like to keep our keys).
Tidy Techs has a good number of clients who purchase a new cord, wire, tool, etc. when they are not able to find the one they know they have. Organization saves us time and money. Two very valuable things.
Recently, Tidy Techs was working with a client with a large house, large family, and could use all of the help they could get. Of course, with a large house, family, and not a lot of time, they had a cleaning service that would clean their house three times a week. This makes sense to many of us. Most cleaning services are fairly affordable and reduce the stress that a dirty house creates. When this client called us, their objective was not to reduce their need for a cleaning service, but rather to create a functional system for themselves and their family. To their surprise, they went from having someone there three times a week, to not needing them at all. That was a big money saver.
We do not promote that we will get rid of your cleaning service (though you may come to that conclusion on your own). This client just felt after getting the de-cluttering and organizational process done, that their house was more manageable and functional. As Organizing Professionals, we work to create organization systems that are functional, maintainable, and sustainable. If that means that you work best with some cubbies with labels or just an area for your keys by the door, we will work to relieve the stress of not knowing where things are in a time crunch. This is why we all love organization… it saves us time and money!

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