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Disorganized Thinking

Why would you ever hire a professional organizer to do something that you know, if you set aside the time and had the right tools, you could do yourself? That is an excellent question, and many of our clients have asked that very same question. Before I go into answering the question though, I need to first go over what exactly organizing is.

To organize, according to Webster, is: “to arrange or order things so that they can be found or used easily and quickly: to put things into a particular arrangement or order.”

This often times gets confused with cleaning up. I want to assure you that though a space may be cleaned, it does not necessarily mean that it is organized. Organization, even according to Webster, is not a process of cleaning, but a process of creating function. Tidy Techs, for example, does not come in and organize a client’s space the way it would function for Tidy Techs. That’s not very sustainable. What we do is, find out how the client uses the space, what the client wants the space to be, and who all uses that space. From there, Tidy Techs is able to create an organizational system that works for the client and family. This creates organization in a space that is functional, maintainable, and sustainable.

Ok. Now that we have that broken down, it is time to return to the question many people have from the beginning. Why hire a professional organizer to do something we feel like, and possibly know, we all can do? The answer to this is, because we suffer from disorganized thinking.

If you have attempted to organize one of your spaces before, you may have experienced disorganized thinking. When our own clutter surrounds us, it is hard for us to know what system of function would work best. Also, it is difficult to determine what to keep and what to get rid of, as there are things that tie us to our belongings. Bringing in objective third party helps with getting through the process of de-cluttering, and is even better if that third party knows how to create an organizational system from what you keep. I cannot speak for all organizing companies, but Tidy Techs aids in both the process of de-cluttering and organization. We also get rid of the stuff you do not want to keep.

So, the reason one would hire a professional organizer is to relieve the stress of disorganized thinking. Like many of our clients, once you have a professional organizer come in and de-clutter and organize your spaces, you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

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