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The Tidy Techs Team

In 2014, two experts in the fields of organizing and hoarding noticed a growing need for a company who specializes in not only organizing, but also has the knowledge and capabilities to aid in de-cluttering. Tidy Techs Professional Organizing was then born. Tidy Techs is well on its way to becoming the leader in home organization having helped hundreds of clients in the Austin, TX area alone. Tidy Techs has created a process that is unmatched and accompanied by a compassionate and therapeutic manner in which their process is executed. Due to the ever increasing need for their services, the Tidy Techs Team is growing! The Tidy Techs process is so specialized that each organizer is not deemed a Tidy Techs Certified Professional Organizer until they have completed the in depth training program. This certification is to ensure that each client is getting the quality of service Tidy Techs Professional Organizing stands behind. Below you can meet our team!



Owner/Tidy Techs Certified Professional Organizer

Where are you from: Corpus Christi, TX

What are your hobbies/things you like to do: Playing golf, gardening, pottery, traveling, paddle boarding, cooking

Why did you want to become a professional organizer: Seeing a space and being able to organize it quickly and efficiently is one of my strengths. I wanted to use this strength to help make a difference in people’s lives!

What is your favorite aspect of organizing: I love meeting new clients and forming genuine relationships and friendships

Fun fact: When I was in high school everyone called me “Hank” because I was able to out drive all of the boys on my golf team.



Owner/Installation Coordinator

Where are you from: Midlothian, VA

What are your hobbies/things you like to do: Sports, hiking, traveling, and banging on the drums like Animal from the Muppets

Why did you want to become a professional organizer: I have a passion for working with people and helping them discover solutions to difficult problems. After running Tidy Techs for the past 3 years, if I could do anything on earth, it would be to continue doing what I am doing. This is a calling, and I feel called!

What is your favorite aspect of organizing: The transformation of the spaces is great, but the transformation of our clients is what I live for!

Fun fact: I used to work for a company on the show Hoarders… oh, and when I eat apples, I eat the whole thing (minus the stem, of course)