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Tidy Techs' Therapeutic Approach

Tidy Techs has developed a therapeutic approach when it comes to organizing, which has proven lasting results not only with our clients’ spaces, but with our clients as a whole. We work one on one with our clients; you will not have a team of people in your home touching your belongings. You will have your own Tidy Techs Certified Professional Organizer that works with you and your family. We build trusting relationships with each and every client so you can feel comfortable and confident with your organizer. We are with you every step of the way to help take the stress out of your spaces, as well as off of you.

Tidy Techs' Services

Tidy Techs offers services for any size job. We have organizers that specialize in all areas, even working with hoarders. Rest assured, you will not feel judged or scare us away. This is our passion and what we do for a living and would love to share our gift with you.

We create custom organizational systems for you and your family. We learn how you function in your spaces and organize to your functionality. Here are some common areas we de-clutter and organize:

Whole Homes – Garages – Offices – Kitchens – Closets – Bedrooms – Kids Rooms – Living Rooms – Dining Rooms – Storage Units – Sheds – Work Spaces – Commercial Organizing – AND MORE!


About Tidy Techs

Tidy Techs is an Austin based Professional Organizing company that is setting the standard for home organization. Our successful therapeutic approach and custom organizing is what makes Tidy Techs unique. Tidy Techs Certified Professional Organizers are trained and certified by our own Professional Organizing Experts, so you will never be working with an organizer that lacks the know how or ability to work with you. Our certification also ensures that each and every one of our clients receives the high quality Tidy Techs service that has changed the game of organizing. Bring in the best and begin to make room for the things that matter.


“This was by far the best investment we’ve made. I’m a busy mom running my own business and raising a family and over the last year I noticed piles starting to build up all over the house. When we saw Tidy Techs at a trade show I knew this was just what we needed. My husband didn’t love the idea but once he saw how reasonably priced the packages were he decided to give it a try. Our organizer was quick but efficient. She not only helped us declutter our space but also organized our playroom, closet, bathrooms and home office. She set up systems for staying organized and now we actually ENJOY cleaning our house! The service we received from Holly and Chappell far exceeded our expectations and the outcome was worth every penny. I would recommend Tidy Techs to everyone.”